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2023 confirmed as the hottest year on record
Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) 2024/01/10
We need to do everything possible to save lives
UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs, agencies 2024/01/6
Compliance with International Humanitarian Law in armed conflicts is not optional
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) 2023/12/7
We have now exceeded many safe and just Earth system boundaries
Bioscience Journal, UNU-EHS, BMJ, agencies 2023/11/17
1.77 billion children aged 0–18 lack access to a child or family cash benefit
UNICEF, ILO, WHO, WVI, Save the Children 2023/08/31
World leaders need to prioritize humanitarian funding as acute hunger hits record levels
IPC, World Food Program, agencies 2023/08/2
Inequality has many adverse consequences
Tax Justice Network, Civil Society agencies 2023/07/4
Any use of nuclear weapons would be catastrophic for humanity
more than 100 medical journals, ICRC, agencies 2023/07/4
Dialogues with Rights Experts
UN Office for Human Rights (OHCHR) 2023/07/4
Gender bias is a pervasive problem worldwide
UNDP, OHCHR, UNFPA, UN Women, agencies 2023/07/4
400 million children are living in or fleeing conflict zones
ICRC, UNICEF, Save the Children, agencies 2023/07/4
52 countries – almost 40 percent of the developing world – are in serious debt trouble
Global Crisis Response Group, UNCTAD, agencies 2023/05/18
Global humanitarian needs have reached record levels, greater funding support required
UN News, OCHA, GRFC, WFP, FAO, agencies 2023/05/10
UNHCR calls for concerted action as forced displacement hits new record
UNHCR, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre 2023/05/10
Threats from the misuse of artificial intelligence
British Medical Journal, agencies 2023/05/10

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